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Chapter 1:

A small little girl with dark Green hair and green eyes sits down on a hill. She wears a white short sleeve shirt and blue pants. Far out in the view there's a city. Bright lights and full of people. The small girl looks annoyed and angry. She looks up into the sky to see a helicopter. A air-ladder falls from the plane. A man in a suit come down and approach the girl. "Neiya! You can't go running off like that. You're only six!". Neiya falls onto her back onto the grass. She grabs the grass and throws the grass into the air. "I actual thought running away will be exciting. But it's not like it's anywhere to go or anything to do.". Neiya gets up from the ground. "This district is too small for anything interesting.". The suited man laughs. He walks with over and pad her head. "You're just like your mother.". Neiya looks into her papa blue eyes. "Where's mom?". Father grabs his daughter hands and kneel down. "Sadly no. Vice president Russev sent all military experts to an isolated land to practice. She'll be gone for a year ". The dad regretted . The Father carries Neiya onto the air ladder. Neiya sits in the helicopter and crosses her arms. "If you're the president why can't you send mom back home?". The president replies "For a seven year old you got alot of questions haha.". Neiya looks annoyed with her father. The president sticks his tounge out at Neiya. The father and daughter arrive to their apartment. The ladder let's them down. They enter the apartment. The first floor is a paint ball room. Neiya hurries upstairs and see a sword hanging up on the wall. Neiya puts her hands together and closes her eyes. "Hey mom. You won't believe how boring my day was. I miss you and brother showing me cool military things. This place bores me into tears. ". Her father approaches and put his hands onto her shoulder. Neiya open 1 eye and smile. "How about you come to work with me tomorrow?". Neiya happily responds "that'll be swell.", 

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Neiya comes out of a bathroom with her pink robe on and a scarf covering her dark green hair. Neiya slips on some pink slippers. Water is on her body dripping. Neiya enter her room and closes the door by shutting it loudly. In the other room the president fixes his tie. He places a name tag over his chest. The name reads President Lideo. "She's really hate the slow paced life of this city.". Lideo finally fixes his suit and tie. "One day maybe the family can move to District 5. That district is filled with life.". Neiya enters the room with clothes consist of a small orange hooded-sweater with orange and red square designs on the inside. The front bottom ends are folded upwards and held by buttons. The sweater has a short zipper with an oversized tag. Underneath the sweater, Neiya wears a long, white dress. She wears a thigh-length skirt held up by a large, thick belt. Neiya wears shin-length boots with extremely thick, black soles. Lideo smiles at Neiya. "Daddy, I hate being bored. Can't you make this place any more entertaining?". Lideo bends down to Neiya. "What's your idea of fun?". Neiya rolls her eyes. She begins to think. Lideo laughs. "You don't think getting in trouble is fun?". Neiya looks at her father with a childish angry look. "I let myself get in trouble!". Lideo takes 3 notes(each saying "I ran away") out and smiles. "You do snitch on yourself alot.". Lideo pats Neiya hair. "You know one day you're going to want to keep something to yourself.". Neiya walks away into the doorway. "I can't help myself father. It's good to be open to everyone.". 

The two arrive to the government building. It's the building furthest away from society. Its above the hill that Neiya rest on. Neiya carries her mom's sword in her hand. Lideo uses his hand to show off the building to his daughter as he steps inside. Neiya looks down at the sword and smiles. "Mom look! It's my first time here am in the main house. Neiya wraps the sword around her body. Lideo casual takes Neiya's hand. "You spend an awful a lot of time speaking to that sword.". Neiya with an attitude response to her father was "I don't see mom much over the past few months. It's my only connection to her.". They walk to the door as Lideo say "fair enough then.". 
End of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Lideo sits at his desk stacking papers. There's a knock at the door. Lideo whistles to inform the knocker to come in. The knocker opens the door to a man with a suit, an ugly mustache, balding hair, and peach fuzz chin hair. Lideo smiles and stop doing work. "Vice President Russev!". Lideo takes his hands out and takes a handshake with Russev. "What brings you here friend?". Russev holds up the number three, signifying three reasons. "My good friend I got wonderful news." Russev say excitingly. "For starters the amount of talents in the military has improved tremendously. Your wife will be allowed to return home in 2 years.". Lideo looks shocked at the news. Not in a good way. Russev puts his hand on Lideo shoulder. "In 3 years time, there will be a jail for anyone whom ever know more than we want them too. With this we'll use conductors to slowly transfer them to the military where they'll be under the utopia influence. Thus ending the execution process for anyone that knows.". Russev takes his arm away from Lideo. "As we continue the isolation agreement with the other districts. Our naive district population will only know what we want them to know.". Lideo seems not to be pleased with the move.. Russev puts his arm on Lideo. "This is for the safety of our district. I feel that it's best we stay isolated from other district. We'll use only resources from this district. The people will only know about this district.". Lideo removes Russev arms from his shoulder. Lideo brushes off his suit. "You're telling me...that you want our people to not know about the other districts?". Russev laughs. "They will know they exist, sure but won't know any information about it.".

Lideo stands up. He opens the window. "Would they be able to travel? Explore?". Russev shakes his head "No. In fact, if they somehow find away out. We'll kill them". Lideo walks out of the room. He closes the door and wipes his face. "I can't believe I chose him as my vice president.". He adjusts his tie. "I have to tell Neiya the bad news.". Lideo walks down the hall and enters the TV room. He looks throughout the room and can't find Neiya. Lideo looks at the door. There's lays a note. The note reads. "Hey Dad. I ran away again. I'm going to the hill. Find me there.". Lideo gives a faint smile. "That girl..".

End of chapter 3.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Chapter 4

Lideo walks out the door. He shouts down the opposite end of the hall. "Vice President! I'm going to go pick up my daughter. Read over some of my documents and sign off some more papers!". Lideo takes off his full suit and tie revealing a green track jumpsuit with white stripes. He hurries out the the building. He takes out a button that's red. He presses it and helicopter flies from the air and lands in front of him. He aborts the helicopter and sits. The flier jokey says "ran away again?". Lideo gives a faint smile with a thumbs up. The pilot enter the coordinates to the park. The pilot lifts the copter into the air and it takes off. Lideo sits down. He crosses his hand and intensely loses his smile. "It's hard being both a father and a president. I give her all the attention in the world. Cause of this Russev is basically running the place. Poorly at that". Lideo opens both his hands. He looks at them. With the right representing Neiya and the other representing his district. "It's a tough choice. I love my daughter but the entire district is my hand.". Lideo rubs his chin. "10 more years of this...". He weighs out his hands. "Districts?". or "Daughter?". He sighs. "I'll talk about it with her.". The pilot talks through a speaker. "Mr. President. You look awfully tense". The president gives a phony smile to the pilot. He waves his hands. " I'm just fine". Lideo spots the hill from the copter. The helicopter lets down a ladder. Lideo climbs down and hop off onto the hill. He looks onto the hill. Looking around he doesn't see Neiya. He walks forward. He steps onto a paper. He picks up the paper. It reads "Hey father.... I'm roaming the city. Find me.". Lideo crumble the paper and throws it. He quickly change his hairstyle to disgust himself. "This girl knows better!". Lideo runs down the hill and hops the short black gate. Entering the district urban area. End of Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Lideo roam throughout the small city. Many people reconizte him. Some people clap, others chants his name, and others take pictures. But most decides to approach him for an autograph. Lideo politely pushes some people away. Lideo raises his hand signifying not to bother him. “Sorry” Lideo say with dissapointment in his voice. Lideo pushes his way through the crowd. He manages to turn into the dark ally. He takes out a black comb to comb down his hair. This brings out his neck length hair. He uses his hand to messes up his hair. He walks out of the ally. No one can tell it's him. He smiles. Lideo walks throughout the town searching for Neiya. Lideo spots a coffee shop. He enters the shop. He orders a table and is seated near a window. A waitress takes his order. “Hi, I'm Utopia! I'm here to take your order.”. Lideo takes out a card. “Take money from this. I'll take a coffe please.”. Lideo taps his fingers on the table. “An entire country looks up to me and yet my own daughter doesn't like me.” Lideo thinks to himself. Lideo receives his coffe. It's perfectly brown with a white marshmallow swirl. Lideo drinks the coffe. “Where could she be now? She normally leave clues”. He lays the coffe down onto the table. “She's the type who if she was a thief and stole from you, she would tell you.”. He places his hand on his face. “So why no note now?”. He drowns his throat with coffee. He wipes his mouth. He gets up and leaves a couple bills. “Thanks for the drink!” Lideo say with a faint smile. As he closes the door he tells Utopia “Have a nice day!”. Lideo walks around the small town once again. He looks on both side of the streets before crossing. He looks down and see a lock of green hair onto the sidewalk. He looks up and see the door to a elementary school. He buzzes the beeper. The door opens letting Lideo in.

I haven't been in a school every since Leunpo graduated junior high”. Lideo thinks. Lideo walks to the Principle Office. Lideo encounters the principle. Lideo embarrassingly grab his own hair and begins to turn red in the cheeks. “I don't wanna sound like a bad parent but have you see a little girl whom is ya high and yee wide?”. The principle responds with hand motions. “Ya high? Yee wide?”. Lideo scratches the side of his head. “I believe she's 115 Cms and 19 KG.”. Lideo pulls down his eye leads. “Green eyes?”. The principle snaps his fingers. “She's lurking in the recess park. Please keep your child under control.”. Lideo funnily leaves the room. He goes throughout the school to get outside. He reaches the outside area and looks around. “The swings?” Lideo as he turns to the swings. “The monkey bars?” Lideo as he turns to the bars. “The slides or the jungle gym?” Lideo as he turns his attention the the entire playground. All the kids have fun at the playground. Completely unaware of Lideo. A teacher notices him and quickly pulls out her phone. She walks up to Lideo and pull his ears. “YAHOOOOOOO!” Lideo screams in funny pain. “Listen up. Your kind ain't welcome here! Get outta hear before I call the cops on you. You understand? Pedòfil!”. Lideo holds his hands up in frighten fashion. “PEDOPHILE!? No no! You got the wrong idea! I was looking at the children to find the girl that calls me daddy.”. The teacher gasp! “! I meant it like my daughter! She's six with green hair! I promise!”. Lideo say in panic mode”. Lideo spots Neiya looking into the window of the classroom door. Lideo manages to pull away from the teacher and go to his daughter. “NEIYA!”. Lideo runs to his daughter. Neiya looks over to see her father. “Hey father.”. Lideo smiles. “You're a mess you know that.”. Neiya with out any emotion very non caring say “You look a bit worried that what's wrong?”. Lideo pats Neiya and rub her hair. “Nothing..Neiya”. Neiya turns her attention to a girl reading a romance novel in the classroom.

She sports long black hair that shines in the middle. Very thin eyebrows that's also black. Her skin is very pearl white. Her eyes sparkle black. Lideo questions his daughter. He bends down and look at the girl. “Do you know her?”. Neiya shakes his head. “Father..that's not possible. I don't have any friends.”. Lideo questions her again. “Do you know her or of her?”. Neiya rolls her head up and down. “Somewhat. I've recently encountered her today. She's very nervous and everyone mistreats her.”. Neiya face gets slightly ticked off. “I don't like to see anyone mistreated. Even the worst people deserve second chances.”. Lideo comments about the girl. “You think she's a bad person?”. Neiya pulls the grass. “No...she's an easy target. Neiya gives the sword to Lideo. “Hold this papa.”. Neiya puts her hands together and closes her eyes. “Mom. You would talk to her no matter what right?”. Neiya smiles. “Thanks for the advice mom!”. Neiya lifts the window up and squeeze her way through the hole. Lideo stays and watch to see how his daughter handle this. “This could aid my choice of my daughter or my district.”. Lideo plays close attention and Neiya begins walking to the girl.

End of Chapter 5. 

Chapter 6

Neiya enters the classroom. via the window. The classroom looks very childish. Very dark orange walls, lavender ceilings, Animals on the wall on the left side, The English alphabet on the right, 4 tables made of desks for the 16 students, the Chalkboard in the front, and with all classroom....a teacher desk in the left door. Lideo studies on the opposite side of the window staring. The girl sits in the desk furthest away to Neiya. A straight path. The girl has her head between her folded arms sidewards. She stares at the wall. Laying there. Showing almost total downhearted emotions. Neiya approaches her with ease. She taps the girl's head. “Your hair is soft. Like the softest of silk. How you get it like that?”. Neiya tells the girl with much kindness and careness. The girl lifts her head slowly and then turns it straight. She hops up from the chair and hurries to the corner like a mouse trying to run away. Neiya looks at her with and get's a bit more serious. She(Neiya) walks slowly towards the girl who balls up in the corner. “She acts similar to a scared animal”. Neiya thinks to herself looking at the girl. She bends over to the girl and stares into her eye. She tilts her head. She points to the window. “Say, why aren't you outside with the other kids? Do all of them mistreats you?”. The girl looks nervous and holds up her hand. Neiya takes the girl's hands and even moves them out the way so she can see the girl's face. Neiya smiles. “What's your name?” Neiya ask curiously. “Cynthia.....”. The girl said quietly. Neiya puts her ear out. Still maintaining her smile. “What was that? A bit quiet huh” Neiya say to the girl. The girl quickly say her name. “C-Y-N-T-H-I-A”. Neiya raises her eyebrow.

Neiya closes eyes and maintain her soft sweet six year old smile. “Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll ask you again then”. The girl eyes pop. She shakes a bit showing that she's still nervous and intimidated. Neiya leaves the classroom and the girl. She exit through the classroom hallways. Down the hall was an exit door to the playground. Neiya goes down the hall with a smile on her face. She looks at the lockers and the stickers on the walls, ceilings, and the school itself. “This place could entertain me. Not for the stupid kiddy crap. But I could work with that girl.”. She exits the building and turn left. She sees her father looking at her. Neiya walks towards Lideo and her face gets bored. Lideo raises her eyebrow in a similar manner than Neiya. “What I do?” he said. Neiya shakes her head. “You're annoying and boring.”. Lideo sighs. “I can't win with you.”. Neiya sticks her tongue out. “Why did you even run away” Lideo ask curiously. Neiya refuses to walk. She walks away from her dad and she gets this annoyed look on her face.

Lideo gets laughs. “Damn child doesn't like being around me does she?”. Lideo takes out a phone. He dials a number and places a look on his face. He begins to think “She probably going home. Wonder what she said to that little girl.”. The phone answers. “Hello” the phone answers. “Hey I'll like to enroll my daughter into Flames of Burn Elementary.”. “She can start in three days ? That's PERFECT!” Lideo shouts. Lideo rubs his chin. “Now that I think of it. I'll have to miss an hour of work. But that doesn't matter. I don't have to chose between my daughter and my job now.” Lideo thinks. The phone vibrates as the person talks on the other end. Lideo almost drops the phone but hurries to put it on his face. “Yeah I'll be at the school around 5PM tomorrow to give you her info. Just wait for a guy named Lideo Geoumma.”. Lideo turns off the phone and puts it in his pocket.”. Lideo looks at the setting sun. Showing that it's the early evening. The kids from the playground goes into the school to get their belongings. “Must be 4:30PM” he said. Lideo picks up the sword and then walks through the small school and the street. He waits on the street for the cars and school bus to make a clear path for him. He begins to whistles as he walks. The walk take about 1 and half hour and he reaches his home. He goes to Neiya's room first and see that she's sleep. “She's interesting for a six year old. I'm going to hate seeing her grow up.”. Lideo walks over to Neiya's bed and tries to kiss her. Neiya wakes up and snatches his lips. “I don't love you. So I don't kiss you”. Lideo laughs at the child's remark. He rubs the bottom of his nose. “Such a momma's girl you are.”. Neiya holds on to the pillow tightly. “Mom ain't coming home isn't she? Not no time soon anyways.”. Lideo worries for Neiya. He sits on the bed and places the sword on his daughter. Neiya grabs the sword and wraps it around her as if it's a pillow. Lideo rubs through Neiya's short emerald green hair. “She'll be here. Within 2 months. I promised”. Neiya gives out her pinky and Lideo uses his pinky to “pinky swear”. Neiya gets a smile on her face and goes to sleep quickly. Lideo gets up and leaves the room.

End of Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Lideo eats his breakfast of pancakes and eggs. He's wearing a napkin around his neck to protect his clean suit. Lideo takes his fork and his knife and cuts his pancakes. Lideo seems rather serious in this early morning. His face is strong and firm. “I dont have to worry about my daughter no more. Its all strict president business.”. Lideo munches on his food. He pictures his wife and son in his head. “First order of business is fixing the military. Followed by allowing more interaction with other districts. Besides sporting events we dont have any interaction with the others.”. Lideo finishes his meal. He removes the napkin around his neck. He gets up and grabs the plate. He remains calm and serious. He throws the plate in the trash. He fixes his yellow tie. Lideo seemed very serious today. Showing how important his job is for him.

Neiya enters the room wearing a light brown pleated checkered skirt, a white sweatshirt with long dark blue sleeves with a black singlet underneath and a yellow pendant. She wears long dark & light purple striped stockings with white shoes and has a belt tied to her left leg. Lideo rubs his nose and smiles at his daughter. “What has you up so early? Very weird of you to be up at 6AM”. Neiya rolls her eyes and bumps to her father as she goes to the door. She stands on her tippy toes to touch the door knob.

Neiya opens the door and before she leaves, places a note on the door. Lideo walks to the door and bends over to grab the note. “Lideo laughs when he reads the note. The note reads

Father, I'm running away to the school. I'll keep doing this until you enroll me. If you never enroll me. I'll hate you even more.”.

Lideo puts the note in his pocket and walks over to the window. He see Neiya walking in the city. She walks calm and confident around the city. She drifts off to the crowd of people. Lideo squints his eyes as a question mark appears by his head. Looking closer he sees a thin purple and brown gas. “What is that? Looks nothing like yellow dust”. Lideo walks away curiously. He gets a nervous pop in his head. He hurries to Neiya's room. He opens all of her jores. Throwing Neiya's unique dressing clothing all over her room. “She took her gas mask? Knowing Neiya there's a reason for this.”. Lideo takes out a needle from his suit's chest pocket. “Migh as well be safe I suppose.”. Lideo injects himself with the needle via stabbing his wrist Painless he walks out the house and waves his hand for the copter. The copter picks him up and he proceed to ride to work. Lideo look out of the copter to see people enjoying life in the city. The president smiles “I love this district. Everything's so peaceful. No gangs, no crimes, no fighting, and just a wonderful place to live!”. Lideo slaps his knee. He laughs hysterically. “Why do we even have a police force!? Or even a military? We're so disconnected from other Districts that it's no point! The pilot looks at the president with crazy weirded out look on his face.

Scene changes from the helicopter to the school's bus lobby

Neiya sits on the curb in front of the school. Neiya looks bored and impatience. Both of her hands are on her face. She mutters “Wish I knew when school started. It's boring just sitting here.”. Neiya looks at the front door behind her. Staring at the lock tense. As if she could pry it off with intense stare. “Not like anything interesting in there. Why the hell is it lock?”. Neiya lays down. Head down with her hands behind it. She drifts off. Slowly snoozing in the cool Autumn weather. That is until an old lady dressed in a woman's suit taps Neiya's head with her foot. This causes Neiya to wake up suddenly. “You're that girl from yesterday. You're not allowed here until 5PM when daddy signs up.”. Neiya rolls her eyes. “You don't tell me what to do! I'm clearly waiting for someone.”. The old lady grabs Neiya's hand forcefully and raises her up. Neiya smacks the old lady hand away from her. With a daring look, Neiya shouts at the lady. “How dare you old worthless hag touch me? A girl trying to entertain herself! Have you lost your damn mind? Do you know who my father is? He's the president!”. The Old Lady is appalled by the actions and shouting. 3 yellow buses show up in the bus loop. The old lady takes Neiya's hand and yanks her away from the curb. Neiya gets annoyed with the old lady and begin trying to get away from her but fails. “I'm the president's daughter! Let go of me damn it!”. The lady holds her tightly which causes Neiya to knee e ground. “Such profanity from a little liar! The president only have one child!”. This causes Neiya to stop struggling and her eyes look shocked. The old lady slowly lets go. Neiya sits Indian style in the ground watching the bus stops. She looks at the lady with a apologetic face and say “Sorry for my actions and language. I'm here to meet someone very important.”. After saying that her inner self say to herself “President...has no daughter? I can't believe my father. That bitch! I going to tear him a new one!”. Neiya looks at all 3 buses slowly and carefully. She focuses on all three as if they're prey. She smiles. The old lady looks confused. Neiya sees the first bus empty out with kids that all look different. With haircuts and styles ranging from pony tails to curls to buzz-cuts to Afros. With air colours from orānge to purple to pink.

Bus 2 clears out with another variety of kids. The last bus finally clears and there's no Cynthia. Neiya looks very sadden by this. Neiya gets off the ground and shake her head. Neiya looks at the kids. She watches all of them very quickly. Spotting which one could spot a new interest. She looks at allof them. Each of them behaving rather aggressive. Neiya take note of this. “Unbelievable! Despite looking different they all act the same! Yesterday they were all loud and excited! But now everyone even this old lady is angry”. Neiya walks away from the school very upset. She leaves the bus loop and crosses the street. She sighs. “I guess I'll be bored forever except when my father starts some bullshit.”. Neiya kicks some dust from the ground. “Stupid guy doesn't even claim me.”. As she walks throughout the sidewalks in the small section of the district looking bored. She past a school store and looking through the window and sees Cynthia! Neiya hurries into the store in excitement. She approaches Cynthia who seems to have just brought a pink kitty outfit. Cynthia looks very nervous and starts to shake. Neiya holds both of Cynthia's arms and keeps her calm. “I'm not...dangerous!”. Cynthia very quietly speaks..”You're..going to hurt me like everyone else. For being different. For being shy.”. The shop owner yells at both Neiya and Cynthia. “Stop standing there and leave the store you damn kids!” he said. Neiya holds Cynthia very tightly. Neiya sticks her tongue out at the guy. She takes Cynthia's hand and hurries out of the store and in the opposite direction of the school. “You're cutting school today and coming to my house!”.

End of chapter


one-shot is a story created as a single chapter(issue in comic books). Project DNP One-Shots are a series of short single chapter stories produced by…, set within the Project DNP manga which is schedule to be released between Summer of 2015 to Winter 2016. Each of the one-shots, which range from 1 paragraph to 10 paragraphs, are designed to be a self-contained story that provides more backstory for characters or events introduced in the manga. All of these one shots are indeed canon to the story. Enjoy.


A 13 year boy named Damai Opa stands on a farm surrounded by animals, plants, crops, and dirt. The animals makes their noises such as “MOOOOO” and “QUACK”. The kid is wearing a plain dirty T-shirt, dirty blue pants with a skull hat standing at 170cms. His white hair is down with some minor spikes in them. His golden eyes looks intelligent and calm. Damai takes a bag of beans and bend over. With one hand he digs 5 holes and with the other he plants 2 seeds per hole. He lets out an acompolish smile. He stands up and uses his feet to dust over the holes. Damai wipes off the sweat from his forehead. “Planned that out amazingly!” He shouts. Damai looks at the chicken roaming around and the sun setting. Damai closes his eyes and imagines an adult version of himself on the farm. Now as an adult, he has a family. A nice looking blue haired short(145CM) wife dressed in farming gear. Adult Damai's arm wraps around his wife. He kisses her passionately rubbing her stomach. Damai talks to the belly as he kneels. “7 more months until you're born Max”. The farm animals walk around freely. A small brown dog walks up and Damai picks him up. The dog licks Damai's face continuously. “I gotta thank Mikku for this gift. He knows the best animals.”. Damai opens his eyes and exits his imagination. “Some day” he say with a motivational tone.”. Damai looks at the small house on the farm. “That house won't be empty all thee due to pointless missions.”. Damai holds his eye tightly as he yearns for a family. He sees his adult self and his “wife” on the porch. “ might return one day to see me long gone. Even if I have to go through 20 girls....I'll find a wife.”. Damai looks at the sky far out in the distance as the wind blows. “I hate this life that I live. Looking at other districts...I want that.. my own life.”.

End of One Shot.

One Shot: Kazuya Geoumma

My Kazuya Geoumma. I have light green hair, green hair, a black sleeveless crop top, open finger gloves, black cameo pans, and a wedding ring on my finger. I'm the president of D3. I'm in the District 3 Military and formerly The Yellow Corporation. The Military life is quite boring. When there's a threat that the police can't handle, we have too. When there's nothing going on...10/12 months of the year we're training for war. Which is stupid because we never enter or have wars in District 3. That's a foreign thing. I should be home to my 23 year old son Leunpo and 13 year old daughter Neiya. But I'm not. I'm here in this prison like room excising. Sweating my brains out. You see here in D3 you're chosen at birth of what you're going to do for a living, your personality, and if you're going be a military member. It sucks but it's a Utopia society. Luckily for myself I'm married to the president so I'm myself. Not what they want. I'm what I am. Someone who wants to have fun. I'll rather be in this somewhat interesting place than D3. Boring place that dump is. And the two months away from the military..I'm doing Yellow Corporation business. I do stop by home least once or twice but I hate D3 so I can't stay long.

Besides...when my eyes glow blue. When I swing my arm and whip my hair. A sword appears. No not those typical swords you buy at G-Mart. This sword is the Alonell. An ancient sword carved from the first civilization called the Monkai People. The first humans on this planet. We humans evolved differently from other animals. Most Animals rely on instincts...but we human...we don't rely on instinct like our ancestors. Sure we kept some of them but we've grown past that. Our man made instints are Combat(Sword), Sports(Baseball Bat), and Technology(Data Chips). Wielding a Monkai's unreal. I discovered the Alonell in District 2 during a tour there. Won me many fights with this baby. One of the few reasons I alongside Theory, are the only living members of Yellow Cooperation. After those bastards RHG took the rest out. That gang gives me the drive to kick ass. I'm confident in my ability and honestly could have taken them out by myself years ago. But I'm bored and need something to entertain me. It's like cat and mouse. As long as I have the Alonell..I'm unbeatable. Maybe once Neiya graduate from Highschool I'll take them out for good and past the torch to her. Personally I don't care for other people lives. Only my family. Cruel I know. But in this fucked up world. It's every man for themselves. Something I've taught my kids. Well if someone trust me I would not blame them. After all I've never lost a fight.

Now it's 4AM and I've been working out all day. Off to catch some Zzzzzz. But first I'll write to Mr. President, my son, and call my daughter's phone.. My loved ones.

End of One Shot.

One Shot: Leunpo

Leunpo is a 180CM, 100 Kilograms Teal long curly hair, Green eyes, white and gray jumpsuit with a Black G logo, wearing a two sided gas mas around his neck, and dashingly faced 24 year old goof ball young man.. He's very careful and is living life in the military. Currently in the gym lifting weights. Showing off by lifting 210 KG easily. He looks at the other military people working out and mocks. “C'mon you weaklings! It's just working out! How hard is it?”. The other gym guys gets annoyed and start straining themselves to do better. Leunpo smiles. “That's the sprit guys!”. Leunpo stops working at and puts the weights down. He walks into the locker room. The locker room is like standard locker rooms but has it's own Wash Machine-Dryer. Leunpo strips out of his clothes revealing his pink socks and boxer. He looks in the mirror and flexes. His muscles are ripped. As he poses in the mirror his mom Kazuyga walks up on him. This causes Leunpo to jump and stick to the ceilimg as if he's Spiderman. He screams comically at his mom. “What are you doing here mom! It's the male locker room! There's half naked men running around here!”. His mom shakes her head. “You're acting as if I never seen a naked man.”. Leunpo still on ting head gets better to the point it's close to his mom face. “But you don't have to see me naked!”. The other people in the room laugh causing Leunpo to turn red. His mom crosses her arms. “You're still a boy and I've changed your diaper.”.

Kazugya plucks Leunpo's inflated head back to normal size. She's gets serious and scolds Leunpo.”When you're done making a scene go to the medical room to see your girlfriend Yuni. She's recovering know what.”. Leunpo starts to feel bad and it shows. A standard military guy in a towel appears. “Yuni? You two are dating?”. Alongside him appears another gym guy. “You didn't know Flourish? They share a room which is against the rules.”. Leunpo looks at Flourish with a dissapointed gag look. “Takaiser is right. You're a bit slow Flourish”. Kazuyga leaves the gym.

Scene change

Leunpo dressed in a suit with a new slice back short haircut. He walks awkardly throughout the military base until he reaches the medical tent. The tent is not see through, rectangular prism, and a very long tent. He spots his mom and hurries towards her. His mom raises her eyebrow in disgust for his new design. “What the hell do you have own child? What's with the stupid haircut?”. Leunpo laughs. “I thought a change of attire would speed up the healing for her.”. His mom pulls his nose. “You need to start takings seriously. One day you might accidentally kill yourself or someone else. People might refuse to take you seriously and try to think you're friendly. No son of mine is friendly or a joke! Got that!”. Leunpo reluctantly shakes his head. Kazygua smiles and feels his hair. “Good boy.” she said and leaves. Leunpo walks to the only girl in the room. At the very end of the tint. There's Yuni. Laying upward eating potato chips. Leunpo hurries to her as he stares at her beauty. Smooth caramel skin, bushy golden brown curly hair that makes two buns, and blue eyes. She looks over and smile at her boyfriend. Leunpo jumps on the bed and hugs on. She screams “OW” 3 times fast. Leunpo comically jumps off and holds his head. “Oh yea..sorry I pierced your ribs with an arrow.”. Leunpo thinks about what he said. He becomes guilty and holds his head down. Yuni reaches and grabs Leunpo's hand. “'s okay. I shouldn't have gone with you and your mom on an unassigned mission. Your mom does some dangerous stuff.”. Leunpo looks into Yuni's eyes. “No...No! We needed you for medical support. I shouldn't have been careless when that bastard Goblin threw you off a building.”. Yuni grips Leunpo's hand. “You saved me from that District 2 slave trader. So many people would have been slaves and I would be dead if it wasn't for you.”. Leunpo shakes his head in disagreement. “You don't recall the events do you?”.

(Leunpo and his mom are in a heated desert village during a sandstorm. Both break the handcuffs off of the white speople. Leunpo spots a dark skinned man on top of the village's center building. Leunpo eyes buldge eye his eyes in shock as he sees Yuni in his arm. “Mom! Yuni's caught!”. Kazyuga eyes glow and she summoms the Alonell. “Stay back and free as many slaves or disagreers as possible!”. Leunpo ignoring his mom takes out his arrows from his case. He throws One arrow to the falling Yuni that Globin threw off and then flings an arrow to Globin. The first arrow hits Yuni and she's connected to the buliding. The second arrow hits Globin and releases a flash of light blinding him. Leunpo takes out a grappling hook and launches it to the building. He travels with the hook and takes out a 3rd arrow and stabs it into the building to hang from it. He looks at where the first arrow pierced Yuni as he sees blood. Leunpo looks..shocked as all hell. “Oh no...”).

Yuni brings Leunpo closer. “You did what any good man would do. You saw your girl in danger and you reacted instantly. I lived.”. Leunpo still sadden by the event stutter his words. “Bu..but..but..had haad had I..let mom or..aim..before I..shot at your ribs.”. Yuni stops Leunpo and kisses him. Yuni backs away and turn Leunpo's frown upside down. “C'mon! Be happy! Be the guy who loves burping his ABCS and making fun of people.”. Yuni takes Leunpo's hand and puts it under the cover. She makes him rub her belly. “I lived...and in awesome news so did our future baby.”. Leunpo begins to let out a huge smile and tears. He hugs her and kisses her cheek constantly. Tears flow down his eyes like a waterfall. “You're....a your....stomach like...a bowling...ball!?”. Yuni smiles and cuddles with Leunpo's head. “You'regoing be a daddy Leunpo! And our baby don't want a sad papa”.

Leunpo begins to shake in excitement. “! I gotta tell them. No let it be a surprise! I won't tell them!”. Yuni say “What ever you prefer Leunpo.”.

End of One Shot 


One Shot: Underground Trios Champions

In a small bathroom locker-room with three lockers. The lockers are separated and labeled “R”, “Y”, and “B”. In the left corner of the small locker-room there's a 160CM tall 17 girl named Strawberry. Strawberry had a slight, lean, well-toned build, since she is an acrobat and gymnastics. She has short red unkempt hair and blue eyes. On her locker there's a calendar with the Month of July 2015. July is designed with a circus crew titled “The gliding Fruits!”. The calendar is has a circle on July 9th saying “Underground Trios Champion”. Strawberry zippens up the neck portion of her outfit and completes her outfit. A red tight German tunic, red leggings pants, red boots and black gloves. This outfit allows her to move just as fast as her circus days. She puts her hand on the month July and closes her eyes. “My parents are watching me in the crowd tonight. I might be the underdog due to my inexperience and doofus partners but I won the last 4 matches for my team. Tonight I'm champion”.

Coming from the middle locker is 18 year old highly muscular 1.70M Bueeba. He sports a long beard to the bottom of his throat but wears a black and yellow stripped mask that shows his brown eyes, mouth, and chin-hair He's shirtless with orange chesthair. His pants matches his mask being black and yellow. He wears boots. Bueeba stands over Strawberry intensely as they hate each other with passion. “Do you want another ass whooping? You're on a singles losing streak. You should kneal down and thank me for getting the win for the past month in tag action”. Bueeba laughs. “I'm the son of the great Bubble! My loses doesn't as I win the war.”. Bueeba pushes Strawberry against her locker. He takes her head and slams it against his head. Strawberry falls onto the floor. Bueeba smiles. He raises his foot up preparing to stomp Strawberry ankle.

Suddenly Bueeba is tackled by “B”. By “B” I mean Aqua. The mature 15 year old boy Aqua is the tallest out of the 3 being 1.9 Meters. He gets in-between the two after tackling Bueeba. Aqua wears a fighting suit that's ocean blue that covers his entire body. He wearing open white gloves and a big white seagull outline on his chest. His boots also are white. His hair is a buzzcut. Aqua looks annoyed at them both. He begins to shout at a soft, quiet, but fierce tone. “Stop this useless fussing. I don't you like you Strawberry and I don't like you Bueeba. Y'all don't like me. Y'all HATE each other. We get it. Everyone gets it. Why you think the fighting promotion owner paired us 3 together. Can't you see morons!? He wants to see if we're going to kill each other. That's the test!”. Aqua goes up to Strawberry. He picks her up but brushes up against the wall. “Strawberry you're an overconfident underdog. Every time I see you fight I want to beat the living hell out of you.”. Aqua walks over to Bueeba and stand over top of him. Aqua points at Bueeba “And you! District 5, my family rule the fighting business all over the area. Name a promotion, My family dominated. Two months ago against Prince Lion, you cost me the FLF Championship beccause I kicked your ass in a number 1 contender match!”. Aqua points at himself “You ruined my time to shine. MY TIME! You've almost ruin my family legacy.”. Aqua points fingers at Strawberry, Bueeba, and himself. He begins to connect the dots and talk history. “I've beaten you! I've beaten you! Both of you beat each other! Both beat me! We all beat each other!”. Aqua raises a prototype championship belt. “Now are we going to argue? Or are we going to win us championships and make history. People will look at history and see us as champions that despite hatred for each other. We're the best”. Aqua drops the belt and kicks it. “It's your choice” Aqua screams as he leave the locker-room.

Outside in the arena (A very underground feel) the lights go dim and the crowd goes wild. The Ring is an Octagon.

Los(Ring Announcer) introduces the Trios championship match. First she announced Dallas(Generic), Luke(Generic), and King(Generic). Next out were Aqua, Bueeba, and Strawberry who come out in separate parts of the crowd. Bueeba comes from the curtain with a regular entrance, Strawberry comes in from above, and Aqua walks through the crowd with a huge ovation.. Finally out were Ryder(Generic), Macker(Generic) , and Killer(Generic).

(rules of Trio tag match. Elimation style. 1 person on team gets pin, tap, or KO means you're gone. Basic Tag team rules. 3 legal men. You must tag in to be legal).

Killer & Strawberry try to double team Luke, but get handled by him anyway, until Strawberry drops Luke with a flying knee. Luke comes back immediately with a big double suplex, and Strawberry is left for a beating. Bueeba and Macker end up going at it, and both get huge chants from the crowd before Macker does a dive to the floor. Bueeba goes to do one, but gets dropped by Luke. Aqua dives instead, as Luke and Ryder go at it in the ring.

Luke takes care of Ryder and then Luke backflips from the top rope to the floor. Strawberry is back fighting Ryder, then turns his attention to Dallas, landing an big knee that puts them both in the crowd. Strawberry father Raspberry(Male version of Strawberry), who is in awesome shape, attacks Dallas

Aqua looks hurt outside, and Ryder destroys everyone. Strawberry is the victim of another Mack right hook as Killer hits a big time heart-punch. Bueeba tags in and almost gets pinned by Killer.

Aqua gets caught coming off the top, but Strawberry jumps on everyone to save him. Strawberry hurries to gets the pin. 1! 2! 3!

Winners: Bueebe, Strawberry, and Aqua.

Before they have time to celebrate As soon as the 3 count hits. The boss of FLF come out in a suit and bald head. He claps his hand slowly. With a smirk. He takes a mic out of his suit and speaks. “Impressed. Very. But y'all ain't winning yet. Another trio wants a sot. You know him very well Aqua. Prince Lion, King Cheetah, and Royal Tiger!”. Bueeba, Strawberry, and Aqua are in the ring tired and in pain from fighting. They aren't backing down as the trio dressed in their cat outfits get in the ring.

The Big Cat crew are in the ring. They growl and roar at Strawberry, Bueeba, and Aqua.

The Crew goes after the odd team on the outside as the bell sounds. Royal Tiger sends Strawberry into the barricade. King Cheetah with a forearm to Aqua, Prince Lion with forearms to Bueeba. Royal Tiger sends Strawberry off the Temple steps, King Cheetah bites at Aqua. Royal Tiger taunts the crowd on the crowd's steps, then sends Strawberry into the metal ringpost. King Cheetah sends Aqua into the ring, then Royal Tiger with more shots to Strawberry. With Bueeba & Strawberry down on the outside, the Crew goes in the ring to triple-team Aqua. Royal Tiger holds Aqua as King Cheetah has got the Crew's trademark kendo stick. Before he can hit Aqua with the kendo stick, Bueeba comes in to make the save. King Cheetah avoids a corner charge, running forearm to Bueeba in the corner, followed by an bike kick. Running dropkick by Royal Tiger to Bueeba in the corner, followed by 6 claw attacks by Prince Lion. Prince Lion takes Strawberry up the crowd's steps as King Cheetah continues to go after Aqua in the ring, hitting a series of kneedrops. Strawberry fights back on the balcony, then charges, but Prince Lion BACK BODY DROPS HIM OVER THE BALCONY AND ONTO THE TOP OF Recording booth! King Cheetah has the kendo stick back in the ring and chokes Aqua with it. Royal Tiger & Bueeba continue to brawl in the crowd, Aqua tries to fight back on King Cheetah, but to no avail. Royal Tiger SUPLEXES Bueeba OFF THE BALCONY ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Bueeba sends Royal Tiger into the barricade, then leaps into the balcony. Bueeba climbs on top of the balcony, balances himself off a fan's head, ORIHARA MOONSAULT OFF THE BALCONY WIPES OUT Royal Tiger!!!

Prince Lion comes charging in instantly and nails Bueeba from behind with the FLF Championship belt. Prince Lion comes into the ring with King Cheetah as they plan on double-teaming the injured Aqua, with Strawberry down on top of Booth and Bueeba down on the outside, sealing the deal for the Crew to steal the Trios Titles. All of a sudden, Strawberry gets a running start off the top of booth! RUNNING 450 flip splash OFF THE TOP OF booth's OFFICE INTO THE RING, WIPING OUT King Cheetah & Prince Lion!!! HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!!!! THE CROWD GOES MENTAL!!! Aqua crawls over and grabs the Crew's kendo stick. Aqua somehow gets to his feet and LAYS INTO THE CREW WITH KENDO STICK SHOTS TO THE BACK!! Crowd chants for Aqua.

Aqua goes for the pin. But the ref rules it as a KO.

Winner and NEW Underground Champion: Aqua, Bueeba, and Strawberry!

The three celebrate and go insane over their title win. They all group hug awkardly before realizing they hate each other and jump back. The trio go to each corner of the octagon and raise the titles in a proud moment.

End of One Shot.


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